Your Host:

Vicki Gramm

I was raised with wolves.



Yes. We had wolves growing up. But that’s not the only thing my mom introduced me to. It was all sorts of animals! Dogs, Ferrets, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds. And even more were with a short-time as we rehabbed them: snakes, raccoons, ducks, opossum. You name it, it was probably in or around our house. (We never did find the baby rattlesnake after it got loose on our porch) 

I’m a huge Pit Bull advocate and do what I can for the Southern Colorado Pit Bull Advocates. Trying to make people realize that bullies are dogs. They are individuals. Well, I advocate. I also happen to be their link to the media, government, etc.  

But, enough about that. I am an animal lover. All animals. Not PETA-like, I don’t picket against circus animals (though some situations are less than ideal), fur or eating meat. I’m a realist. I believe in compassion. I believe in early morning kisses no matter how many times they’ve licked their butts.  

I am also a huge community lover and have been involved and doing what I can since the Army brought me here in 1989. I’ve worked consistently and not living with my parents since the age of 17 (when I joined the military) and have never had to, nor did, move back home. I love to work. I love to feel productive and like I’m contributing. I do sales & community relations for Signarama as a regular gig. A huge, and I mean huge, football fan and sit on the board for the Pikes Peak Browns Backers (a 501c organization that gives back to 3 local charities each season, mostly animal-related) I am an independent fitness coach for Beachbody as well, Have to get my energy to put in hours upon hours each day! However, my biggest passion, started just a few short months ago, is a charitable organization called Coats 4 Canines ( Our mission is to provide comfort to the less fortunate/homeless population by helping take care of their pets. Animal welfare is the primary focus and will be reached by providing essential warm and cold weather gear to the pets; expanding shelter services and education.  

So what makes me qualified to do this show? Experience. Love. Passion. Commitment. Throw in a little bit of knowledge and we’re covered! Plus, I’m immersed in the animal world. Friends with many wonderful and knowledgeable people and help numerous organizations whether fiscally or by volunteering my time.  

Hope you can join us at 8:00 am MT / 10 am ET every Saturday for a range of topics you’ll want to call in about!  So many places you can find me and my work/passion, so hit me up on Facebook and you’ll find those! I love meeting new people!  

FACT: I prefer animals over people

FACT: My human daughter, who is now 21, knows this

FACT: Currently I have 5 dogs and 1 ferret. In 2014 we lost 3 dogs and 1 ferret.

FACT: I don’t get paid to do this.